Must-know Bee Facts

Did you know, that there are 20,000 species of bees in the world? Some of the species have actually not even been discovered yet. How amazing is that? Imagine what new interesting facts we could learn. Bees can be located throughout the world, however in locations with high altitudes, small oceanic islands, and Polar Regions bees are hard to detect. Bees are mainly found in semiarid areas that are warm. Bees are small creatures, they range in size from 2 mm in length to 4 cm.


All about Bees:

There is a variety of different bee’s buzzing in the air, are you able to determine the different types? It all comes down to their characteristics. Honeybees are the most common bee that comes to an individual’s mind. These bees make edible sweet honey that we can eat, along with beeswax that we are able to use for our candles. Honeybees are known to be cultivated bees. What is the scariest bee? The answer is “killer bees”. They are fierce and will defend their hives. They are known to chase their enemies for a long distance and may even gang up. Normally, one will not just get stung by one killer bee, they tend to sting in large numbers. One sting from a killer bee is no more dangerous than a regular bee, however when an individual is to get stung by a gang of killer beans their life is at stake.

All bees have hair on them, however there are some bees that have more hair than the other ones. These bees are known as pollinators, which allows them to gather the pollen and nectar from the followers. Pollinators play an effective and important role in our ecosystems. Did you know that bees are similar to carnivorous wasps? This all changed when flowering plants appeared on earth, which is what turned bees into vegetarians. This is when bees decided to eat only nectar and pollen.

Bees also produce a compound called propolis from sap or evergreens. When the bees combine the sap with their own discharges and beeswax, it creates a sticky, greenish-brown product that is used as a coating to build their hives. Propolis has many health benefits as well, it’s thought to have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Propolis has been suggested to have a role in treating certain cancers as well.

Interesting fact, a female bee has a structure on their legs that cannot be found on any other insect, this structure is known as a pollen basket. The pollen basket is simply made of rows of hair located on the bee. These rows of stiff hairs arch to from a space that is hollow on the outside of the legs on a bee. When a female bee is to visit a flower, she combs the grains of pollen right into her basket!